Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Very First Blog!

In memory of my dad, Brad Wilkinson.
July 4, 1953 - March 10, 2011.
He would be proud.

So the thing is, I've been learning how to cook since moving to Vancouver, December 2009. I started, trying to impress my boyfriend, Mark, and I've developed a real passion for creating interesting, delicious food...he HAS been quite impressed!

I love cooking, and I love taking pics of my wonderful creations.
Tuesdays are generally my day to make something new and exciting, hence, Tracy's Tuesday Dinners. I find inspiring recipes, shop for the ingredients, and get cracking.
My intention is to share my culinary delights with you - to take you through my experiences and experiments in the kitchen.

I hope my endeavors will be inspiring, helpful, and maybe a little entertaining.



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